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£2.50 One Time Fee.


WHMCS – https://whmcs.com is a client management, billing and support solution primarily used for web hosting. Orders are placed, tickets are raised, invoices are generated and all the bits in between. All of it, within WHMCS.

Usually the staff or administrator of WHMCS receives an email notification when ever a new event occurs. But what if you want to write a web script to automate an action when a notification is received? This script uses PHP & CURL to post 3 WHMCS notification variables to a remote web page of your choosing. An example of how to do this is featured below.


This script uses the official WHMCS API to integrate itself as a new Notification Provider. Once set-up this script, using PHP & CURL will pass the notification through to the web page of your choosing.

Once setup within WHMCS you can then move to configuring your custom web page to perform any variety of actions when a notification is received. An example page is given.

WHMCS Curl Notification - Configure Module

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  • WHMCS Installation.
  • PHP 5.6+.
  • PHP must also have CURL enabled.


  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Upload “CustomCurl” folder to “/WHMCS_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY/modules/notifications/”.
  3. Login to your WHMCS installation admin, navigate to Setup > Notifications then click “Configure” under the WHMCS Curl Notification provider.
  4. Press Save Changes.
  5. Click “Create New Notification Rule” and choose the notification event you want creating and then choose CustomCurl and then enter the url to where your custom web page is hosted (Please note this must be publicly accessible).

Now any time the notification rule create in Step 5 is met. Your custom web page will be notified. You can create as many custom notifications as you want. Just keep repeating Step 5 with different events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the 3 variables passed to the custom web page?

The 3 array keys passed to $_POST are “notification_title”, “notification_url”, & “notification_message” can be access in PHP by calling $_POST[“notification_title”], $_POST[“notification_url”] and $_POST[“notification_message”];

How do I pass the 3 variables via URL?

From the notification configuration page, when entering the url you can use {notification_title}, {notification_url} and {notification_url}.

How do I enable debugging?

You can get the curl debug information and the information output into web page body by going to Utilities > Logs > Module Logs. Once enabled, when ever the notification is run the debugging information will appear at the top of the module logs page within WHMCS.