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WHM Backup Solutionshttps://whmbackup.solutions

Reseller users of the web hosting management software cPanel, are often forced to rely on backup systems provided by their web hosting provider. But what happens when the web hosting provider fails to run or adequately protect the backups?

WHM Backup Solutions (https://whmbackup.solutions) is an open source PHP script. This script is hosted on one of your own cPanel accounts and allows cPanel reseller users to automatically backup all cPanel accounts within the reseller. Giving reseller users full control over backups scheduling, criteria and increasing their resilience to preventing data loss.

A full catalog of documentation is available at here and live support is also available from the website or Facebook page.


  • Allows you to creates backups of every account within your WHM account.
  • Able to specify what to backup based on Username; Package Name, Domain Name, Account Owner or IP Address. You can also exclude accounts just as simple.
  • Authenticate is via API Token, Hash Key or WHM Password. Individual cPanel account passwords not required.
  • Store backups in home directories or transfer backups via FTP, Passive FTP or SCP/SSH.
  • Configure the script by editing the simple config file in under 5 minutes (The configuration file can also be obscured).
  • The script can automatically update to the latest version.
  • The script is hosted on your own server and is completely open source, no need to give a third party access to your WHM account.
  • Support given to install, troubleshoot or discuss modifications via email or facebook messenger.


  • cPanel/WHM Reseller Account.
  • Be able to List Accounts within your Reseller.
  • Be able to click the cPanel logo on the List Accounts page and log into a cPanel account.
  • PHP 5.6+.
  • PHP should also have the following extensions enabled: CURL & FTP (FTP only required if your using the FTP retention script).


The script has its own TrustPilot review page available here. As of March 2020 there are 15 reviews all 100% are rated “Excellent”.


Download the latest version here. You can also find the GIT Repository here.